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About QuickRX

QuickRX is an online pharmacy specialising in smoking cessation products only. We strive to provide safe and seamless online dispensing experiences through product knowledge and quality customer service. In collaboration with Australian medical services and suppliers, we offer a full range of smoking cessation options stocked here in Australia and ready for dispensing.

Our Focus

At Quick Rx Pharmacy, our focus is on our patients. With their needs always in mind, our dedicated team works diligently to dispense and deliver high-quality products. As a leading online pharmacy, all Quick Rx Pharmacy medicines meet the TGA TGO 110 compliance requirements.  We only source from existing Australian suppliers and sponsors.

What our customers say

Awesome pharmacy! They're products are great, all products are safe. They have been such a big part of me quitting cigarettes. Would recommend to anyone. I don't buy these products anywhere else...

Niemann M.


Great service for smoking cessation. At least you know what you are getting, vs. illegal over the counter vapes that contain chemicals such as formaldehyde and heavy metals such as lead, tin and...

Morris P.


I smoked cigarettes for 15 years until a mate introduced me to prescription nicotine vaping as a way to get off the ciggies. I had quit in short stints before and it was always a struggle quitti...

Saunders J.


I have given up smoking after many years. I feel heaps better and a lot fitter already.

Service is amazing. Don’t hestitate just give it a go.

Derepas G.


Always fast and reliable! Ordered yesterday and received today. The process is so easy and user friendly.

Groves J.


Patient Prescription

Patients looking at filling their prescriptions online with QuickRX can send their script to dispense@quickrx.com.au

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Our pharmacist is here to support you in your health journey. They can assist with giving the right advice about Nicotine prescriptions and products. Call us on 1300 634 105. We are here to help.